I found this blog by Victoria Jaggard on National Geographic’s website.  She is a professional journalist who writes about new discoveries in astronomy, entertaining facts we all already knew, and everything in between.  From stargazer’s time laps videos to people playing angry birds in space, almost every post is in response to a new exciting video or astonishing photograph.  She is obviously in the know, as she quotes astronomers and references well known, credible sources.  Her posts are based mainly in factual information, but she is not afraid to give her opinion on a video or express how excited she is to see a photo of the milky way. The balance between her personal and professional opinions is precarious, but she maintains it fluidly.  When her opinions are being expressed, Jaggard is so genuine and convincing that I have no doubts in her mastery of persuasion.  However, it should be noted that I am a HUGE fan of astronomy and am fascinated by the mystery of what is beyond.  I often find myself, just as she does, in awe of the colors and patterns found in the image of something as spectacular as a supernova.  To get a better handle on things that seem so abstract, so distant, so impossible to comprehend, makes me catch my breath as I feel my insignificance.  Some people do not care for the ecstasy the universe is prepared to provide, but I am glad to share Jaggard’s wonder.  It might not be a source full of pressing matters like the economy, or entertaining factoids about the hottest celebrities, but it is a great place to catch up on what’s new (or what is millions of years old) in the vastness that lies beyond our teeny tiny world.  I am definitely going to be checking it out for fun news.